Sunday, April 26, 2009

Simple Blessings

We live in am area here in Kentucky that is rich in Catholicism, every town has at least one Catholic church and those churches are packed for every service, I know because my in-laws are Catholic and I take them to church and wait in the parking lot for them...if you are Catholic you are definitely a part of something huge here in Northern Kentucky.
Well, we are not Catholic, we are Reformed Presbyterian and unlike the Catholics there is only one Reformed Presbyterian church in our area and it is very, very small.
As this RP church is very small we have very few choices for like minded and hearted Christians in our area. You see we are very conservative, believe in courtship, homeschooled, are very believing in temperance with alcohol, watch none of the shows most folks watch (we have the Road to Avonlea series on DVD and would rather watch that than anything else!...this is an incredible series, very wholesome and entertaining!), we cook from scratch, seldom leave our home, hang laundry on a clothesline...etc., so we don't have a whole lot of things in common with the 'normal' families we come in contact with, even families at church are nothing like us.
Therefore we have found our online friends to be an incredible resource for both inspiration and friendships, finding friends online means that you can find folks that have things in common with you, truly most of our real friends are folks that live far away and we have never met in person! (although there are plans in the works)!
One family that we love dearly blogs at , they are a wonderful family of six that we just adore, Maiden has been friends with one of their daughters for quite awhile and the rest of us have come to be dear friends also. Well, a couple of weeks ago our dear friends closed their blog (to find out why you can go to their blog) and I found that I didn't sit down at the computer nearly as often because I couldn't check on updates from their blog, suddenly we seemed cut off from them and it was just kinda sad...well, today their blog is back up and Maiden and I were almost squealing with delight!!! (you know Puritan just loves when we squeal!!!). I understand why our friends closed their blog, I've felt that way so many times myself and have closed blogs for just that reason but I pray that they feel the love from so many of us and keep right on blogging away whenever they can, blogging is a wonderful thing for those of us that truly love the written word and it keeps us connected that sometimes cannot simply be replaced with the many miles between us and phone calls only work for our sense of hearing, we like to see photos and read the words over and over so blogging is an excellent way to keep close to those faraway friends!!!!

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