Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've decided to join in the Gratituesday, hosted by Heavenly Homemakers, click on the image above to go to her blog and read her and other ladies Gratituesday for today!

Today Tuesday April 21, 2009.....
I just think about being grateful and a million things come full force into my mind....the question should be 'what am I not grateful for?', truly I'm grateful for everything the Lord has blessed me with.
The first things that come to mind are the difficult time, illnesses, hurts, etc., because these are the times I've grown so deep in my faith. Looking back I can't believe how difficult it was to endure but the comfort we had from the Lord was truly all that got us through. In the past 10 years we've been through...my 19 year old nephew dying tragically, our oldest going through a very long back surgery, our youngest two dealing with the effects of epileptic seizures, our son literally stopped breathing in his fathers arms but the Lord brought him and us through it all. There have been many other things that we've had to endure but you learn that the most difficult is certainly death and then illnesses in your family, especially your children, it hurts to not be able to help them...but you see that's the time that we know the Lord had it all in His hands and brought us through. We are Reformed Presbyterians and truly believe that everything was pre-ordained so we know it all was supposed to be and we know there will be many other trials as we go along, but the one and only comfort is knowing that the Lord will be there with us, carrying us through.
Yes, for that I am truly grateful today and everyday.

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