Monday, April 27, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

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Today....Monday, April 27, 2009
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window... Sunny, windy and very warm, but the grass and trees are so very green, it's just beautiful. Sadly, we have the AC running today already, AC in April is just too early for me!

I am thinking... that we need to sanitize our house after dh and ds's colds this past week, definitely would rather have those windows open!

I am thankful for... grown children that are our delight and very best friends, and dh and I are blessed in that our parents our also our best friends, we love being with them!

From the kitchen... quick and easy from whatever fresh produce we find at the store today.

I am reading... just finished reading Front Porch Tales by Philip Gulley, have now read almost all of his books and love them. Reading the Psalms in my ESV.

I am hoping... to get our card/scrap/rubber stamp area condensed and organized, lots of cards to make.

I am creating... lots of usable space with our de-cluttering and simplifying

I am praying... for a sweet little friend that had surgery on Friday, for my cousins daughter that had a motorbike accident last week, for friends on my egroup that need prayer, for our country and for this swine flu to be stopped in it's tracks.

Around the house... dusting, vacuuming, plenty of chores after the weekend

One of my favorite things... dh now being on day shift after 22 years of night shift!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week... not much running to do, just a library and grocery run, hopefully stay home as much as possible.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Simple Blessings

We live in am area here in Kentucky that is rich in Catholicism, every town has at least one Catholic church and those churches are packed for every service, I know because my in-laws are Catholic and I take them to church and wait in the parking lot for them...if you are Catholic you are definitely a part of something huge here in Northern Kentucky.
Well, we are not Catholic, we are Reformed Presbyterian and unlike the Catholics there is only one Reformed Presbyterian church in our area and it is very, very small.
As this RP church is very small we have very few choices for like minded and hearted Christians in our area. You see we are very conservative, believe in courtship, homeschooled, are very believing in temperance with alcohol, watch none of the shows most folks watch (we have the Road to Avonlea series on DVD and would rather watch that than anything else!...this is an incredible series, very wholesome and entertaining!), we cook from scratch, seldom leave our home, hang laundry on a clothesline...etc., so we don't have a whole lot of things in common with the 'normal' families we come in contact with, even families at church are nothing like us.
Therefore we have found our online friends to be an incredible resource for both inspiration and friendships, finding friends online means that you can find folks that have things in common with you, truly most of our real friends are folks that live far away and we have never met in person! (although there are plans in the works)!
One family that we love dearly blogs at , they are a wonderful family of six that we just adore, Maiden has been friends with one of their daughters for quite awhile and the rest of us have come to be dear friends also. Well, a couple of weeks ago our dear friends closed their blog (to find out why you can go to their blog) and I found that I didn't sit down at the computer nearly as often because I couldn't check on updates from their blog, suddenly we seemed cut off from them and it was just kinda sad...well, today their blog is back up and Maiden and I were almost squealing with delight!!! (you know Puritan just loves when we squeal!!!). I understand why our friends closed their blog, I've felt that way so many times myself and have closed blogs for just that reason but I pray that they feel the love from so many of us and keep right on blogging away whenever they can, blogging is a wonderful thing for those of us that truly love the written word and it keeps us connected that sometimes cannot simply be replaced with the many miles between us and phone calls only work for our sense of hearing, we like to see photos and read the words over and over so blogging is an excellent way to keep close to those faraway friends!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've decided to join in the Gratituesday, hosted by Heavenly Homemakers, click on the image above to go to her blog and read her and other ladies Gratituesday for today!

Today Tuesday April 21, 2009.....
I just think about being grateful and a million things come full force into my mind....the question should be 'what am I not grateful for?', truly I'm grateful for everything the Lord has blessed me with.
The first things that come to mind are the difficult time, illnesses, hurts, etc., because these are the times I've grown so deep in my faith. Looking back I can't believe how difficult it was to endure but the comfort we had from the Lord was truly all that got us through. In the past 10 years we've been 19 year old nephew dying tragically, our oldest going through a very long back surgery, our youngest two dealing with the effects of epileptic seizures, our son literally stopped breathing in his fathers arms but the Lord brought him and us through it all. There have been many other things that we've had to endure but you learn that the most difficult is certainly death and then illnesses in your family, especially your children, it hurts to not be able to help them...but you see that's the time that we know the Lord had it all in His hands and brought us through. We are Reformed Presbyterians and truly believe that everything was pre-ordained so we know it all was supposed to be and we know there will be many other trials as we go along, but the one and only comfort is knowing that the Lord will be there with us, carrying us through.
Yes, for that I am truly grateful today and everyday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today...April 20th here in Kentucky...

Outside my window... a good steady rain which we've had for two days....everything is greening up so beautifully!

I am thinking... of the tasks that must get accomplished this week and praying for the strength to get it all done.

I am thankful for... the good report my in-laws got this morning when I took them to their doctor.

From the kitchen... haven't given a thought to meals today, this is a day of errands so meals will be hit or miss

I am reading... a new series of books by Lorena McCourtney, first book is 'Your Chariot Awaits' very good fiction series.

I am hoping... our plans work out for this week, life seems to be changing for a good way I think.

I am creating... I bought some PUL fabric and am going to be making some reusable feminine items with it, I'm really feeling the need to stop filling those landfills.

I am praying... for the steadfastness to see through the changes we're making and that the end result will place us where the Lord wants us to be...always striving to be in His will...nothing else matters if we're not

Around the house... laundry is going, dishes washed, lots of tidying up after our nice calm Sunday

One of my favorite things...sitting on the front porch with my family in our rockers and just chatting, it just doesn't get any better than that!

A few plans for the rest of the week... always running to the library, have a book on hold right now for us, grocery shopping, hopefully plenty of time taking care of our home

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple Spring Cleaning

It's occurred to me lately in the planning of a full spring cleaning, that what we are really in need of is a full spring purge! As I go through the items that need to be cleaned, sold, thrown, recycled and given away I see that I have been holding on to way too many things. What I attempt to do in my mind is say that so and so left this here or I'm saving that for so and so, but in reality it is all my clutter and I'm not sure where it all came from! My goal in life is to simplify, and in that I mean in every way because I know that clutter in the home means clutter in my mind and I simply don't want or need that clutter anymore.
When our kids were younger we just had so many items from papers to toys (huge and small) and at this point in my life the clutter must go! We find that we are in the mode of taking care of parents while still being very active in our
children's lives and as it doesn't seem like things will slow down anytime soon, the last thing we need is to have to deal with a bunch of stuff!
We're preparing for a yard sale that we're going to have this weekend and we are going to be very firm in our decisions of what must go because
soooo much must go!!!
In the mindset of simplicity I believe that we must only have exactly what we need with a few special
mementos thrown in but that does not mean to keep everything because it's just not possible and it's not fair to wildcatman and puritan (maiden is her own little neat and tidy young lady also!) because they are men that truly have few needs or wants, they are very easy to please and living in even a little clutter is not conducive to their way of goal is to be like them in this! I need to make our home more comfy for everyone that lives here or visits our home, that's not a very difficult goal because that's exactly how I want it to be also!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Simple Spring Day....The Real point of Easter

Well, we've finally got a good taste of spring today and it really makes you just want to get out and dig in some dirt doesn't it? I love the spring, it's just so renewing after a long winter.
As we go about our day tomorrow let's remember that it's not about a rabbit, candy or eggs, it's about Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins. His death was not about putting attention on Him, it was about suffering for our sins, imagine the pain and agony He endured all for us....almost seems unreal doesn't it?...I know I am not worthy, truly none of us are worthy of the sacrifice He made on that cross. Yet today folks still question whether He is real, whether the Bible is real and what's the point of all of it.
The point is simple, Jesus was born as man into a world full of sin and corruption. He walked the earth as man to point the way to His Father so that we may have life everlasting. If we accept Him into our heart we are assured of an eternity in Heaven, it's really that simple. Personally, I choose to follow Him, because He chose me.
May you be blessed this Easter with joy, kindness and the love only He can give.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Simple Pretty Yellow Flowers

Oh we have been blessed here with some beautiful yellow flowers dotted all over our yard!! Pretty dandelions everywhere you look! Now I know that dandelions aren't the nicest flower but for these eyes that have so looked forward to spring and the new life that it brings these flowers are more precious than gold! I remember when I was a little girl that I was just amazed at all the pretty yellow flowers we had in our yard come spring, and oh how I loved taking a bouquet of them to my mommy, and she would rush to get a jelly jar with water to put them in! She kept them until they were such pitiful looking little things but that was such a wonderful thing for this little girl that loved nothing better than to please my mommy! Through the years I've been blessed with the same little bouquets from my 'littles' and have given them all an honored spot for the duration of their short lifetime. Yes, others may scoff at dandelions but I think they're just pretty little pops of yellow and they make me very happy! The bees are buzzing out there now having a grand time and I wouldn't take that away from them for anything! Let others have their chemically treated perfect lawns, I like to watch what nature does and allow it to make the choices for me....such beauty!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where's Spring? Stocking Up Cookbook

Are the rest of you folks that are still experiencing winter as envious of the 'already have gardens growing' people as I am? Oh, I've been reading some emails and blogs and thinking how wonderful it would be to already have a garden giving us some tasty goodies!!! I just read about someone picking mustard greens and cooking them...oh soooo yummy! The only kind we can get locally is in a bag at the produce dept. in Kroger that has probably been shipped from across the country and will cost about $4.00..ugh...or of course I could go to Cracker Barrel and have theirs...yummy...but who knows what they put in theirs? As I type my hands are so very cold because it is downright cold in our house but starting tomorrow it's supposed to be warming up, I'm so looking forward to it!
We probably will not have many goodies from our personal garden this year as we may be moving and will only have a container garden this year but that's okay because we have some wonderful farmer's markets that we like to frequent so we'll make good use of someone else's goods from their gardens, I love to support the local farmers anytime we can.
I'm reading Stocking Up again right now and getting some plans in my mind about what all I want to preserve this year, I'm really hoping to get a lot of canning and freezing done so next winter we'll be all set and not have to buy canned items at the store, don't you just love the idea of having a fully self stocked larder? It's just a beautiful thing to behold as far as I'm concerned, not only to know that you did all of it yourself but also to know that there are no extra preservatives in there...anyway that's my goal for this summer and fall. If you've never read 'Stocking Up' it's all about preserving the natural way, they have a more updated version than I have listed on my sidebar but I really like this version just fine, it's chock full of wisdom for the homekeeper in all of us ladies! It's full of soooo much knowledge that I have to keep rereading and taking notes on what applies to me, it's really good for those of us that were never shown how to do this or taught how to preserve naturally. Even well into my forties I'm learning something new everyday!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today...Monday April 6, 2009
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...
rain and snow showers and lots of clouds. Yesterday we were in the 70's!, it will warm up later in the week but it's a cloudy and chilly day for the Cincinnati Red's opening day!!!

I am thankful I am that wildcat man is finally on day shift!!!...after only 22 years at Delta Airlines!

I am thankful for...
the promise of warmer temperatures later in the week and some sunshine along with it, so ready to do some planting and lots of spring cleaning!

From the kitchen...
cheeseburger soup and sweet tea for supper

I am reading...
the last of the Four Seasons book by Gary Chapman and Catherine Palmer, a very good fiction series based on marriage, the book of Job in my ESV.

I am hoping...
for continued good health for my sweet in-laws, things are calming down a bit and they've had some nice calm days without heart issues or diabetes is good when your health is good.

am creating...lots of cards, I have a huge extended family and there are lots of uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins etc. so lots of birthdays/anniversaries to celebrate!

I am hearing...
a school bus on the road, my kids never rode a school bus (we homeschooled) but I did and to this day I hate hearing the sound of the school bus coming, not so great memories!

Around the house...laundry to be finished up, recycling to be sorted through and taken to the center, plenty of spring chores to get accomplished!

One of my favorite things...
hearing the garage door open when dh gets home, music to this wife's ears!

A few plans for the rest of the week...library run, pharmacy for prescriptions, the hope later in the week is for warm temps and hanging clothes on the line, airing out the spring/summer items!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with sweet little in-laws, I am extremely blessed!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Simple Handmade with Cloth Solutions - Napkins

Years ago I attended a seminar by Emilie Barnes and I learned so much from her. I had been reading her books for quite a while but I was just so excited to meet her and hear her story, she's been through a terrible form of cancer and other obstacles, and I was so happy to see her in person :O)
On of the things she taught us was to make simple handmade napkins. She loves things to be pretty and was using the florals etc., but once I learned the simple concept I realized that you could use anything you have around the house. I've made them with old sheets, pillowcases, fabric remnants, tablecloths, curtains...there are so many ways you can make them and you're recycling at the same time.
I simply cut out a square of the fabric, if you want smaller napkins for tea or dessert you can make them as small as you wish, just cut out a 9" square of fabric and then double your seam over and sew, in the end you have an appr. 8" square napkin. If you want larger ones you can cut a 13" square and will end up with a 12" napkin. These are very simple and you can use a variety of fabrics, I always like to use cotton or linen because they wash so well.
Of course with the cotton and sometimes with the linen you may have to iron but we don't mind that and love having our nice pretty stack of handmade washed and ironed napkins at the ready! This is an excellent beginner project for our daughters, a simple straight seam either by hand or on a sewing machine and it's all finished!
We haven't bought paper napkins in years and never will again!
I even think you can take this as far as using them for parties or even for your DIY wedding receptions etc.
The joy of making it yourself is wonderful enough, but the savings on our environment makes it even better and these will last for years and years!