Monday, March 9, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today...Monday March 9, 2009
Here in Kentucky

Outside my window... sunny and getting warmer, can't wait for things to start turning green again!

I am thinking... about how wonderful that Wildcat Man is going to be on day shift starting in April...after 22 years at Delta Airlines...finally day shift!

I am thankful for... the wonderful love and support of a huge extended family, in the past couple of months we've really seen the love of Christ shine through in so many ways!

From the kitchen... something with chicken!, we've been cooking for my hubbys sweet parents and we're kinda running out of ideas...they eat like birds!....we send over a nice amount in case they have company and they make that meal go for days and days. We sent stuffed shells on Friday and tonight she said they're going to have the last two!!! cute is that! My hubby can eat about a dozen of them in one sitting! Anyway I have thighs, legs and boneless skinless breasts so I'm sure we'll think of something for them and us!

I am reading... my Bible (can't seem to get enough of reading Ruth!), also some Terri Blackstock books, I'm hooked on them

I am hoping... for some time soon with my sweet son Woodsman, he lives on his own and works a lot so I don't get to see him nearly as much as I would like. I'm missing him so much lately.

I am creating... some organized recipe books, they're actually just some journals but I'm trying to get all of our tried and trues together and organized. Also need to make up some homemade Knorr soup mix, theirs have MSG and I found a wonderful resource for the dried veggies flakes so we can finally make it ourselves.

I am hearing... my fingers hitting the keys, very quiet here

Around the house... plenty of laundry, need to clean vents around the house and get the spring/summer clothes brought out and freshened up.

One of my favorite things... making things from scratch and figuring out how to make things that my family loves in a way that's healthy and without preservatives etc., I love when we find recipes that work great. Last week we made some vanilla pudding for the first time from scratch, we needed it for a dessert with angel food cake so we made our own, it was out of this much better than boxed and not a lick of 'weird' stuff or preservatives!

A few plans for the rest of the week... lots of cooking, visiting my sweet little parents on Wednesday, some shopping on Thursday, also need to do some major damage to paperwork now that the taxes are done.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
This is the top shelf of our baking pantry, looking at it reminds me that I need to make up some more cream of chicken soup powder and refill and replenish the rest of the jars, love having a full pantry downstairs to just fill things up as we need them!

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