Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simple Showers of Blessings

The photo above is of Lantana, aren't they simply beautiful? They're some of my favorite flowers!!

The Lord's blessings sometimes just seem to go on and on don't they? I know that I'm so undeserving of it all, I don't deserve one ounce of the love and blessings that He continues to shower me with every single day. Isn't it wonderful that He doesn't give us what we deserve, His Love is more powerful
than we can possibly even begin to fathom. Our lives are not trouble free, nor should they be, the blessing is that He helps us and comforts us in times of trouble, if necessary He carries us, hurts deeply with us, mourns with us but through it all, He loves us
. I think this coming Easter season of all the pain and suffering that He must have felt, the aches of knowing that His Son was suffering as He hung on that cross to die for our sins, all of us undeserving people that most of the time don't even take the time out of our lives to pray, utter a prayer of thankfulness even, or to go worship at His House...of course we have time for jobs, school, and all those important things...but we cannot take one hour to attend a service and listen to His Word being read, and feel the calm and peace that being in a service wholly devoted to Him can bring, and yet He watched His Son suffer and die on that cross for our sins. The incredible thing is that it doesn't cost anything, we don't have to do anything but sit there and listen, there are no deadlines, phone calls to make, people to see, appointments to keep, cell phones to answer, questions to answer, all we have to do is sit there and listen. It's like after that long week of bills to pay, appointments, school, car repair shops, hair appointments, meals to cook, dishes to wash, laundry to do, house repairs to fix or have fixed...after a full week of everyone wanting us to give, give, give and sometimes feeling like there is nothing left to give we have this incredible opportunity to go sit quietly in His House and have this nice person read the Scriptures and Preach a sermon...all of this for us, yet we find every reason in the world not to be there. What a waste. He loves His People and those that come to worship Him, I'm so very glad that He saved me...this totally undeserving young lady that I was, He welcomed me and I hold tight to that promise every day, indeed I can't imagine living one minute of my life without Him, I need Him, He doesn't need me, but He loves me, little old me...that's just almost too much to comprehend. Yes indeed....showers of Blessings!!! May you be showered over and above with blessings today....and as a sweet little 90 year old lady I once knew used to say: If you need something you ask the Lord and when you get it don't forget to thank Him!

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