Sunday, March 29, 2009

Simple Blessings

Wow, it seems like so much of us are getting deluged with rain these past few days and I know there are many that are dealing with flooding but here it's just a good steady rain and its' already greening things up. I pray that will be a sign of what's to come, as last year we had a terrible drought and simply had nothing growing, the trees turned brown, the grass simply burned up and died and it was impossible to keep things watered.
Not only is that so bad for the crops, but it's also such a sad thing to see. Our Kentucky is just a beautiful, lush green place to be...whether it's the trees or mountains or valleys it's just so beautiful and when there is no rain it seems like it's just all so bare and so pitifully wilted. Oh, we've been to some beautiful places in this country; West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio, Florida etc....we are blessed with such a beautiful country to live in and I know that we all have our own idea of what home and its' beauty really is, but to this country girl it's the hills and mountains of KY, to me that's just 'home'!
For today we've had lots of rain and there's more on the way for the next few days, of course the hope is that these wonderful March showers will bring us some beautiful April/May flowers! Maiden and I saw some daffodils yesterday...they were so beautiful to see, it gives us such hope of spring doesn't it?
Well, I'm off to go check on my seed packets and get my garden journal all set to go, what an incredible time of year this is!

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