Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Clothesline and Clothespins, Gardening Styles

Since we are not yet to our 'homestead' that we hope to be at soon, we find that there are things we want to do now but don't have the yardspace for. For instance, we really want to have a large garden but for now we have to make do with a smaller garden and some plants grown in pots, actually a lot of plants grown in pots!
This is what the simple living and homesteading minds
et is about I believe, making do with what we have at the moment! We grow as many things as we can right now and are able to can some of it but most of it we buy from the local farmers, especially the organic farmers. Throughout the summer they have plenty of farmstands so we never have a problem finding them. The problem that I find is that I like to grow different things, not just what the local folks grow, but for now we grow what we can, knowing one day we'll have the room to grow our huge garden and have the farm critters that we want!
I also find that since we have no huge trees to a
ttach a clothesline to and our yard is so full of rocks that it's hard to dig down into, we have to have a umbrella type clothesline, unfortunately we've worn two of them completely out so I had to buy a new one yesterday, it's this one:
It's actually very pretty, it is periwinkle blue and a light green...if you knew us you would know that maiden and I are huge proponents of everything looking pretty! :O)
We also wanted to get some clothespins that wouldn't be destroyed in the rain so we found these:
These are very pretty! They are pink, blue and yellow and they are plastic and they have a rubber padding inside the pins. The bag is also plastic and it has a small little clasp that keeps it on the clothesline but moves along with you.
Having said that I have to say that I am not a fan of plastic, if I could get by without any I would but on the other hand for things like this I find that they are better quality which means they will last longer so my money goes further and of course that means no cheap ones that will break and have to go in the garbage for the landfill....plastic is certainly a long lasting product, maybe too long lasting!
Anyway those are my finds and my thoughts on gardening, we feel like we're learning every day and things are definitely getting pared down to the necessities and pretties...just not too many pretties!

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