Thursday, February 26, 2009

Simple Solutions: No More Shaving!

I am one that truly loves to simplify things, especially the everyday things that just get tedious and cost us money. In this quest, I began by trying to find a way to not have to buy razors, blades etc., but still have smooth skin on my legs. In my quest I started with Nads, it is that gooey stuff that you put on and then yank it off, removing the hair. I found this to actually work pretty well but you did have to do it quite often and that stuff is not cheap, therefore there is no frugality there at all, although I didn't have to shave quite as often and of course didn't have to use a razor.
Well, I have lately been seeing a commercial for Smooth Away, you just take this little pad and rub it around on your legs, underarms, etc. I thought it would simply be the most wonderful thing if in fact it did work but had no faith at all that it would, therefore I didn't consider ordering it...but still was curious :O)
Then, a couple of weeks ago an online friend mentioned that she bought some at CVS and she loved it, she said it really worked well. This friend is a very frugal, make do kind of person so I knew if she recommended it, it must work very well!
Maiden and I looked at our CVS and sadly found none, but a few days later we saw an ad for it at Walgreens and decided on our next errand day we would try to get some.
We did find it at Walgreens and as soon as we got home we tried it and I have to tell you that it works great! It actually works for your legs, underarms and those little annoyances on the chin ;o) One thing I have to say about them is really read the directions and follow them, there is a method to using these but it is super simple.
The package costs $9.99 but you get quite a few replacement pads and they seem to last pretty long also, definitely something I want to stock up on....imagine after all those years of shaving to finally throw the razor away...Yippee!! Oh this would have saved me so much skin back in the 70's and 80's..we didn't have the nice smooth razors they have now and I had not just a few nicks but some real bad abrasions on the shin from the blade going a bit too deep.
Well, that's my simple solution for today...and a darn good one I think!

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