Thursday, February 19, 2009

Simple Seasons of Life

I just realized today that Wildcat Man and I are in a whole new season of our lives. Sometimes things like this just creep up on you and you're totally caught unaware. We have always been very funloving people, our kids have grown up with constant laughter in our home; not the laughter of ridicule, the laughter of joy. We have always taken every opportunity to find a reason to smile every day, in the 26 years of our marriage that's not always been easy but you have to do it anyway!
We have dealt with our share of problems, health issues in our children, wildcat man having to work in D.C. for three years, flying back and forth every week, health issues in us, money issues...there are many reasons to not look for the joy in life but we refuse to let go of the joy.
We have never been really serious people, that's just not who we are and I believe you can see that in our grown children also, we still have so much laughter when we're together!
In the past couple of weeks we've had to deal with my father in law having a very serious prognosis with his heart, it doesn't look good at all, but he is back home and out of the hospital, there simply is nothing they can do for him. In watching him deal with this I've seen where my sweet Wildcat Man gets his humor and zest for life. Today we visited them and he is just the same as always, he tires much quicker but he is still finding humor in life and in the midst of his own problems, he's nurturing and kind to his wife (my sweet mother in law) as she deals with her own issues of diabetes and her sugar dropping extremely low. He takes care of her and has no concern for himself at all, what an excellent example that is for our kids to see. These two people put themselves last always while taking care of the other one, they of course must take care of their own health issues but they are so full of love and compassion for their spouse, isn't this the perfect example of how we should all live our lives?
So sweet hubby and I find that we are in a brand new season of life, the season of caring for our parents, it's not a burden to us at all and it never will be because these people sacrificed all of their lives for us...we simply can't do enough for them.
Our lives are certainly different in that we have to spend more time cooking for them, taking them to Dr. appts., staying with them overnight, taking care of housework etc. but it's not a burden to's a joy and a blessing for us to give something back to them, be it our time, cooking meals, just sitting with them while they have some episodes...we don't mind at all.
God is good, all the time. His timing is perfect and He never, ever fails us. What an incredible comfort that is to us.

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