Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Simple Living....not sluggish living

Well, I have been very lazy about keeping up my blog. I haven't posted for almost a week and I really need to make myself do better. Although the simple life is about slowing down and taking things at a slower pace, I feel like it's also about keeping commitments and keeping things up to date...therefore I've been very sluggish with my blog.
I have been going through a bit of a bout with anemia and it's enough to really keep you down, finally I've gotten on the correct iron supplement and I'm feeling so much better. Couple hypothyroidism with that and you are really, really, really tired!!! Since I've really kept up with my meds I'm finding that I am getting more and more zip every day!
I tend to want to think I can pray my way through something and if I just have the faith I can not take my medications and will be fine, sadly it doesn't work that way; at least not for now; so I find that I have to make myself take my meds so I can really feel not only physically normal but also emotionally and mentally, these are the things that help me keep me planning and thinking about what to do next...plan don't worry...that's something a friend told me a long time ago and it's so true isn't it? Of course also pray but sometimes we have to keep our mind and body busy and planning keeps us on course!
I know the Lord gives the knowledge to the correct people that make our medications so we must accept that as a blessing and stick with meds and not try to do things on our own. I would love to not take medication but that's just tough!!!!, because I have to anyway!, so I must be thankful that they are there for me to take.
Well, I have quite a bit of laundry facing me and I must get it going and also some snail mail letters I need to take care of!
Always something to do.

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