Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lovely Simple Days

I have been a keeper at home for well over 24 years now, that simply means that I do not work outside of the home and my joy is in keeping my home and keeping my family all taken care of, yes I said that's my joy!
We spend a tremendous amount of time at home, seriously we generally do not leave our home for the five days that wildcat man works, we only have one car right now since our van was sent to it's eternal reward to Goodwill, at least someone can tinker with it and drive it now...but we are true homebodies which the dictionary defines as:


–noun, plural -bod⋅ies.
a person who prefers pleasures and activities that center around the home; stay-at-home.

1815–25, Americanism; home + body

Truly, if you knew me you would know that this describes me to a tee! A part of being a keeper at home means that I must stay home! Being without a car right now definitely dictates I stay home but truly I'm happy about that. We do have to do quite a bit of planning to make sure we have what we need in the kitchen for the full week, although we could go to the store late at night when Wildcat Man comes home I prefer to be with him when he's home, therefore we have to plan ahead for all of our meals etc.
I know alot of ladies that truly thrive on 'going', they say they are homekeepers but they are away from their homes most days, that just doesn't seem exactly the way it should be but I know for a fact it's not the way I want to be. I'm not a person that is always running places. Even when our kids were younger and we were homeschooling them, we spent most of our time at home. We did have a lot of fun on Wildcat Man's off days, we would go for long drives and stop whenever we wanted just to do some learning, like at the Markland Dam, or just to have some fun! We never needed things to have fun, just a creek to throw rocks in or some hills to run up and down or some trails to hike on. When we went on vacation we always loved to go to Gatlinburg, there are so many hiking trails there and although Bekah and I did love to visit the shops we spent most of our time outdoors walking and hiking...soo much fun!
Life is not much different now than it was then, we spend most of our time at home but the days of going on long drives are over for now. Woodsman is working a lot and living on his own and that era has passed so we stay pretty close to home most of the time. We have more responsibilities with our parents now, helping them whenever they need us, but we are more than happy to do this because we feel very blessed to still have them with's funny but now that they and we are older we've become the best of friends and love them so very much!
Maiden and I like to spend a lot of our time cooking for them, especially when they're having some health issues as Wildcat Man's parents are right now, we love to cook for them to make things easier and they always enjoy our meals (of course we all enjoy some else's cooking and some different meals not prepared by us don't we???!!) so that is our joy and we have plenty of meals lined up for this week to cook and deliver.
Maiden makes the best breads, mine, hers and Puritans' are her whole wheat bread but Wildcat Man and Woodsman will only eat her white bread (which is heavenly fresh out of the oven with some butter!!)...but we are definitely focusing on cooking healthy meals, cutting way down on salt.
We do use butter, whole milk etc. because we do like to cook in the Nourishing Traditions style. For us there are not really any restrictions but we do like to keep the sodium to a minimum.
Puritan is very good with electronics so he is called on quite a bit for help to help with their electronics etc., my parents have computers and have learned quite a bit about theirs, Wildcat man's parents have no desire whatsoever to use a computer...that's just their way but they do call on Puritan to fix their CD player, TV, remotes etc., they truly appreciate it because they find them very frustrating!
Well, although it's Sunday we do have a meal to prepare for dinner, Maiden is making a Pancetta wrapped Pork Roast and we'll have broccoli and a potato casserole to go with it. Always plenty to do but we put the Lord above it all, this is His day and we honor His Word for today...and everyday.
God Bless

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