Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a Simple Kentucky Girl

Did you ever notice that just when you have all of your peas lined up in the pod and feel like you've finally got things down and your plans are falling in place...that reality sets in and you see that all the planning in the world cannot prepare us for the unexpected.
I find that what I want to be in life is just a simple little Kentucky girl living a simple existence with my family and extended family (and I have a huge extended family!!!), but in fact as I go about my plans and visualizing the way I want things to be...reality hits and all the plans are out the door! Somehow we get so caught up in our vision of how we want life to be that our visions and fantasies forget that reality might just creep up and change it all.
I'm a visionary type of person and can see just how I want things to be so I set off on my little journey of hoping I can make it all come true....but sadly when I'm well into my plans, well, I remember that I forgot to ask the Lord if indeed this was the road He wanted me to travel. Yes, over and over again I keep making the same old mistakes, I want to rush into this or that and forget to make sure that it would be honoring to Him if these things happen or if I even start them to begin with. Now, you would think I would learn after doing this over and over again but it's just my stubborn will, I forget that I need to step back and stop trying to control everything.
You see, my plans should simply be following His Plan and being an empty vessel for Him to fill with what He needs me to be...I find myself once again having to ask forgiveness from Our Heavenly Father because I try to put myself first. What a terribly ridiculous thing to do.
There is no way I can be in His Will if I'm not following Him...and if I'm not in His Will I might as well be nothing at all.
I pray to die to self so I can be what He needs me to be and I find that I have to do this see it's not a simple thought that you can have occasionally, it's a total commitment and just like our relationships here on earth, our relationship with our Father must have our constant attention and we must always remember that He wants the best for us, but sadly what He knows is best for us may not fit into our plans...what an awful thought that we would pass by the sweet grace He wants to shower us with just so we can follow our own path.
I pray today that this simple Kentucky girl will stop her own planning and fall into His...I know His is so much sweeter.
You see following along in my plan I forgot to remember that the bottom may fall out of it but I always want to be where He wants me to be so when things happen, I can fall into the comfort and peace of Him.
Please pray for my father in law, he is going to have multiple bypass, valve replacement and an aorta stint surgery in the next couple of days. The prognosis looks dim but we know the Lord is the bright shining light of hope.

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