Friday, January 23, 2009

A Touch of Spring

Wow! Today we were blessed with a touch of spring...beautiful sunshine and big puffy white clouds...and the temps were almost up to 50! We enjoyed being out in the beauty of it today and were blessed with a nice little surprise from my little mama...pure heaven!
Between the cold weather blues and then being out in the beautiful weather, we have not accomplished much but being out for a few hours was just wonderful! Such freedom and you really feel like your being renewed simply by the sunshine and warmth...even had the sunroof open on the car...what a day!
Now, tomorrow we will have a high in the 20's but I will not complain...the Lord was so wonderful to bless us with this day of warmth that I don't mind going back to the chilly weather at all. We have a funeral service to attend tomorrow so will be gone for a few hours but it's at a church and there is no cemetery service so we'll stay nice and warm...and especially the family of my cousin that passed will stay warm and not have to suffer at the cemetery with the cold. It will be a bit of a difficult day but my cousin was a Christian and has known our Saviour from an early age so we know he has simply passed onto a better place...he's with the Lord now and what could be better than that?
Well, we just got back from our drive and I've got some laundry to finish up and some other things to attend to so I best get busy.
Hope you all have enjoyed your day today and may the Lord bless you beyond measure tomorrow!

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