Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Simplifying Process

We are still chugging away at our goal of simplicity..seems it's a process that may never end. I think you probably have to really stay on top of things to keep your life simplified, there are just so many things being thrown at us and telling us we need this and that!
We love doing things the old way but also have a good firm grasp on modern technology, I actually think technology helps us to simplify, you can keep your schedules etc. on the computer and not have the papers laying around...which is also good for the environment.
I've been looking through our items in the kitchen today and deciding what to keep and what to weed, kitchen stores are like a candy store to maiden and I so we really have to reel ourselves in or we could get way to carried away with 'stuff'.
Next week's goal is to weed through the basement, oh sooooo much stuff down there!

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