Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Simplifying Process

Today we were greeted with a very cloudy day, but we have a beautiful snow on the ground and it is the perfect day for being indoors enjoying the warmth we are blessed with.
Today's challenge is to get rid of 10 items, either for giveaway or for the trash. If I continue at this rate I should have things cleared out very well by the end of January so I must stick with the plan.
We currently live in a rural area but have houses fairly close and only have about 3/4 acre so our goal is to have more land and a bit more privacy. Ultimately we want to have a place with enough space so we can have some outbuildings for specific uses...woodworking in one, crafts, food prep and storage, etc. The problem I have is sticking with it, I'm a great planner but really need a lot of encouragement for follow through, my resolution this year is simply to follow through and finish things up...the unfinished things are what cause me frustration and stress and I'm the only person who can change me so I must work on this daily.
Well, off to find the ten items...maybe more!

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