Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ready for Spring?

I've been reading blogs and boy quite a few of us are ready for spring!! In thinking along those lines I started thinking about what I can do now to be ahead of the game with my spring cleaning.
I have a list of my cleaning chores and thought maybe I could scratch off a couple while the weather is keeping me deeply embedded in my home, I truly think tomorrow I'm gonna try to mark some things off and have them finished before spring gets here.
We might be moving in the next couple of months so it would really help to have some things packed away and ready to pick up and go.

I can:
update my home management binder
clean inside windows
make list of gifts that need to be made for Christmas, start on them
clean out vents
type up book inventory
clean cobwebs from ceiling in basement, sweep, clean floor
update inventory for our cottage business, list on web

Well, this is enough to get me started and I'll feel like I'm well on my way to getting things tidied up and cleared out so when spring comes I can enjoy the beautiful weather!

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