Friday, January 23, 2009

Questions....tag from Bekah

Well, I've been tagged by Unworthy Maiden (who is actually my dear little daughter!)
with this little question thing so I reckon I'll
fill it out:

1. Favorite color: periwinkle and apricot (I can never pick just one)

2. Favorite number: 6
3. Favorite animal: little newborn piggies ;O)
4. Favorite food: Anything homemade..gotta agree with Bekah here...especially
anything she makes!

5. Favorite drink: coffee, tea
6. Favorite dessert: homemade peach pie
7. Favorite ice cream flavor: Cherry Cordial
8. Favorite pastime: Spending time with my little family :)
9. Favorite piece of clothing: Long full skirts, flowy tops.
10. Favorite TV show: love craft shows...and the new Create channel!
11. Favorite actor/actress: Cary Grant
12. Favorite song: How Beautiful by Twila Paris
13. Favorite band/musician: Michael Card
14. Favorite singing person: Twila Paris
15. Favorite author: Jackie Wellwood
16. Favorite book: love the Grace Chapel Inn series, Mystery and the Minister's Wife, Sparrow reading!!!!
17. Favorite fictional place: Definitely Hobbitton!
18. Favorite character from any book, movie, or TV show: Mike Wazowski from Monsters that little one eyed guy!
19. Favorite city (even if you've never been there): Dublin, Ireland...would love to go there!
20. Favorite country : USA...I live here and am a proud citizen!!!
21. Favorite vacation spot: the mountains in Gatlinburg beautiful
22. Favorite mountain: see above.
23. Favorite website: more!
24. Favorite computer/video game: I love hidden object games and crossword puzzles
25. Favorite technological thingamabob: P-Touch
26. Favorite Facebook flair (show a picture if you can): don't do facebook
27. Favorite letter/symbol: ??????
28. Favorite boy name: Christopher, Thomas, Daniel
29. Favorite girl name: Katie, Rebekah, Molly
30. Favorite store: Hobby Lobby
31. Favorite sandwich: BLT, I guess.
32. Favorite object/animal/person that begins with a P: ummmmm....P-Touch
33. Favorite thing to poke fun at: me....I could never hurt another person's feelings...okay I have to change this to American Idol, we always watch the first few weeks just to see the goofballs but don't watch it after the first cuts...and most of those folks deserve to be laughed at!
34. Favorite time of day: Whenever my DH gets home :O)
35. Least favorite color: Black
36. Least favorite TV show: There are very few we ever watch...and none on the network probably 99% of the shows out there!
37. Least favorite name: Herman
38. Least favorite kitchen utensil: Hmm, I'm gonna say whisk, because it's not the easiest thing in the world to wash;)
39. Least favorite time of day: I don't have one
40. Least favorite piece of furniture in your house: This chair at our computer...very hard and uncomfy!!!
Well, that's all for me...I really have no one to tag but if anyone sees this and wants to do it go ahead, I'd love to read others!

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