Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Journey

In our quest for simplicity we have found that our first obstacle is simply 'stuff'. We've been running our household for 26 years now and in that time we've accumulated quite alot of stuff and it's a bit difficult to decide what is important stuff and what we can let go.

In those 26 years we've raised three children who are now adults, one of them living on his own, therefore we also have the stuff he left here that he may want or need someday, also when Wildcat Man's parents moved into a condo, we inherited a lot of their stuff, so we're in stuff overload.
The thought at this point is that we don't want to add another 26 years of stuff, so we must begin the process of weeding through the stuff and letting go of the non-necessities.
Our desire is to ultimately be pared down to the basics with just a bit of fun and fluff thrown in for a cozy home.
Thus begins the next step in this adventure of life, we're always moving forward very careful to keep the traditions from our parents, grandparents, etc. and keeping our mind on the pioneering spirit and our hearts turned towards Him. The Lord is the only way and we choose to follow Him in every step we take, all of it for His Glory!

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