Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lost.....and Holding On to His Promises

Well, we had to attend a memorial service today at a church quite a ways from our home and I got us lost. I'm a country girl through and through and would be happy to never go to the city but we needed to today so we went. I did do a search for the church and thought I knew exactly where it was....I was soooo wrong. My poor little Mama, who is always on time, was in the backseat and I know she was frustrated but she never said a word...she's a sweet little saint through and through :O)
Anyway, getting to this church involves crossing the bridge from KY to OH and anytime I cross that bridge I get nervous because I'm just not that great at getting around over there so of course we drove around and there an hour late, but thankfully our family was still there so we got to visit with family, give our sympathies etc., but being late is very frustrating and we were all miserable!
The drive was nice though (except for going around in circles...when the church was very close the whole time!!!) and it's always good to see family so I was glad we did finally find it.
My second cousin was the one who passed away...he was only 36...and it was just very sad, his father (my cousin) died a number of years ago so now it's just the mom and their daughter, I am very sad for them...they are such sweet and kind people.
Through the years there have been quite a number of deaths in my mother's see she was one of nine children and they all went on to have large families so I have lots of cousins, second cousins...etc. and with such a huge family comes a certain amount of deaths I suppose, statistically we're probably about the norm as most families it's just that since there have been so many births through the years there will also be a certain amount of's always sad but especially a younger person...I think none of us wants to outlive our children but of course it happens anyway. My brother lost his son a few years ago at the age of 19, it's such a difficult thing to go through but the good news is that the Lord carries us though...we were never promised life would be easy or we would not have sadness...but He does promise that if we follow Him, He will carry us through the tough times and the hope of Heaven and seeing our family again is such a warm and wonderful promise. He is good, all the time!
After the service we met our family back down here in KY and went out to Cracker Barrel, it's nice to have laughs and good fellowship after the sadness of a balances things out and reminds us that we must continue living...the pain will subside and the joy will return.

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