Friday, January 9, 2009

Giving in to Stress

Do you ever have a day when you just feel.....bleh, I mean physically I'm fine...maybe a bit tired...but emotions have taken over and I simply lose my focus on these days.
In the midst of the emotions, not much else has been done in the simplifying process but there's always tomorrow! will all just wait until I get to it.
Today was very cloudy, cold and gloomy...and being home 24/7...although I love being a homemaker...gets a bit tedious especially since the focus of homeschooling no longer exists for us as they've all graduated so I seem to not be able to find my way to a schedule that works and keeps me's all a process and I know it will work out soon.
Today we cooked a turkey which we will have tomorrow with the full meal, tonight we're gonna carve a bit for some sandwiches and keep it simple. I love making a turkey as the leftovers are just soooo tasty, so we'll be eating turkey for awhile.
I discovered today that when I feel stressed and getting out of the house is not an option that I just have to give into the tired feeling and rest, this is time for reading, praying, chatting with Puritan and Maiden, talking on the phone to my sweet little mama or just simply napping...the alternative is getting more stressed and making myself and everyone else upset...that option is just not open for me, life is too short to worry about non-issues and I simply won't do it.
These are simply the days that the Lord and I converse quite often through the day, I'm so thankful that He loves me and carries me through...because without Him I would simply be nothing...I give Him the full honor and glory...He is so Good!

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