Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ready for Spring?

I've been reading blogs and boy quite a few of us are ready for spring!! In thinking along those lines I started thinking about what I can do now to be ahead of the game with my spring cleaning.
I have a list of my cleaning chores and thought maybe I could scratch off a couple while the weather is keeping me deeply embedded in my home, I truly think tomorrow I'm gonna try to mark some things off and have them finished before spring gets here.
We might be moving in the next couple of months so it would really help to have some things packed away and ready to pick up and go.

I can:
update my home management binder
clean inside windows
make list of gifts that need to be made for Christmas, start on them
clean out vents
type up book inventory
clean cobwebs from ceiling in basement, sweep, clean floor
update inventory for our cottage business, list on web

Well, this is enough to get me started and I'll feel like I'm well on my way to getting things tidied up and cleared out so when spring comes I can enjoy the beautiful weather!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY...January 26, 2009
Outside my window...everything is covered with snow and the sun is starting to peek through...beautiful!
I am thinking...about the cards I need to make and get mailed out.
I am thankful for...God's grace and mercy
From the kitchen...shepherds pie for
supper, some cookie baking this afternoon
I am creating...some thank you, sympathy and praying for you cards
I am going...nowhere...happily staying home all week
I am reading...The Sister Circle series
I am hoping...we accomplish all we have planned this week...lots to do!
I am hearing...the heat roaring, very cold outside
Around the house...very quiet
One of my favorite things...welcoming dh hom
e each evening with a warm meal and a big hug! He works outside some of the day so is ready for some warmth.
A few plans for the rest of the week: finish the cards, list on ebay, update food inventory
Here is picture thought I am sharing...a cold day here in Kentucky

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lost.....and Holding On to His Promises

Well, we had to attend a memorial service today at a church quite a ways from our home and I got us lost. I'm a country girl through and through and would be happy to never go to the city but we needed to today so we went. I did do a search for the church and thought I knew exactly where it was....I was soooo wrong. My poor little Mama, who is always on time, was in the backseat and I know she was frustrated but she never said a word...she's a sweet little saint through and through :O)
Anyway, getting to this church involves crossing the bridge from KY to OH and anytime I cross that bridge I get nervous because I'm just not that great at getting around over there so of course we drove around and there an hour late, but thankfully our family was still there so we got to visit with family, give our sympathies etc., but being late is very frustrating and we were all miserable!
The drive was nice though (except for going around in circles...when the church was very close the whole time!!!) and it's always good to see family so I was glad we did finally find it.
My second cousin was the one who passed away...he was only 36...and it was just very sad, his father (my cousin) died a number of years ago so now it's just the mom and their daughter, I am very sad for them...they are such sweet and kind people.
Through the years there have been quite a number of deaths in my mother's see she was one of nine children and they all went on to have large families so I have lots of cousins, second cousins...etc. and with such a huge family comes a certain amount of deaths I suppose, statistically we're probably about the norm as most families it's just that since there have been so many births through the years there will also be a certain amount of's always sad but especially a younger person...I think none of us wants to outlive our children but of course it happens anyway. My brother lost his son a few years ago at the age of 19, it's such a difficult thing to go through but the good news is that the Lord carries us though...we were never promised life would be easy or we would not have sadness...but He does promise that if we follow Him, He will carry us through the tough times and the hope of Heaven and seeing our family again is such a warm and wonderful promise. He is good, all the time!
After the service we met our family back down here in KY and went out to Cracker Barrel, it's nice to have laughs and good fellowship after the sadness of a balances things out and reminds us that we must continue living...the pain will subside and the joy will return.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Questions....tag from Bekah

Well, I've been tagged by Unworthy Maiden (who is actually my dear little daughter!)
with this little question thing so I reckon I'll
fill it out:

1. Favorite color: periwinkle and apricot (I can never pick just one)

2. Favorite number: 6
3. Favorite animal: little newborn piggies ;O)
4. Favorite food: Anything homemade..gotta agree with Bekah here...especially
anything she makes!

5. Favorite drink: coffee, tea
6. Favorite dessert: homemade peach pie
7. Favorite ice cream flavor: Cherry Cordial
8. Favorite pastime: Spending time with my little family :)
9. Favorite piece of clothing: Long full skirts, flowy tops.
10. Favorite TV show: love craft shows...and the new Create channel!
11. Favorite actor/actress: Cary Grant
12. Favorite song: How Beautiful by Twila Paris
13. Favorite band/musician: Michael Card
14. Favorite singing person: Twila Paris
15. Favorite author: Jackie Wellwood
16. Favorite book: love the Grace Chapel Inn series, Mystery and the Minister's Wife, Sparrow reading!!!!
17. Favorite fictional place: Definitely Hobbitton!
18. Favorite character from any book, movie, or TV show: Mike Wazowski from Monsters that little one eyed guy!
19. Favorite city (even if you've never been there): Dublin, Ireland...would love to go there!
20. Favorite country : USA...I live here and am a proud citizen!!!
21. Favorite vacation spot: the mountains in Gatlinburg beautiful
22. Favorite mountain: see above.
23. Favorite website: more!
24. Favorite computer/video game: I love hidden object games and crossword puzzles
25. Favorite technological thingamabob: P-Touch
26. Favorite Facebook flair (show a picture if you can): don't do facebook
27. Favorite letter/symbol: ??????
28. Favorite boy name: Christopher, Thomas, Daniel
29. Favorite girl name: Katie, Rebekah, Molly
30. Favorite store: Hobby Lobby
31. Favorite sandwich: BLT, I guess.
32. Favorite object/animal/person that begins with a P: ummmmm....P-Touch
33. Favorite thing to poke fun at: me....I could never hurt another person's feelings...okay I have to change this to American Idol, we always watch the first few weeks just to see the goofballs but don't watch it after the first cuts...and most of those folks deserve to be laughed at!
34. Favorite time of day: Whenever my DH gets home :O)
35. Least favorite color: Black
36. Least favorite TV show: There are very few we ever watch...and none on the network probably 99% of the shows out there!
37. Least favorite name: Herman
38. Least favorite kitchen utensil: Hmm, I'm gonna say whisk, because it's not the easiest thing in the world to wash;)
39. Least favorite time of day: I don't have one
40. Least favorite piece of furniture in your house: This chair at our computer...very hard and uncomfy!!!
Well, that's all for me...I really have no one to tag but if anyone sees this and wants to do it go ahead, I'd love to read others!

A Touch of Spring

Wow! Today we were blessed with a touch of spring...beautiful sunshine and big puffy white clouds...and the temps were almost up to 50! We enjoyed being out in the beauty of it today and were blessed with a nice little surprise from my little mama...pure heaven!
Between the cold weather blues and then being out in the beautiful weather, we have not accomplished much but being out for a few hours was just wonderful! Such freedom and you really feel like your being renewed simply by the sunshine and warmth...even had the sunroof open on the car...what a day!
Now, tomorrow we will have a high in the 20's but I will not complain...the Lord was so wonderful to bless us with this day of warmth that I don't mind going back to the chilly weather at all. We have a funeral service to attend tomorrow so will be gone for a few hours but it's at a church and there is no cemetery service so we'll stay nice and warm...and especially the family of my cousin that passed will stay warm and not have to suffer at the cemetery with the cold. It will be a bit of a difficult day but my cousin was a Christian and has known our Saviour from an early age so we know he has simply passed onto a better place...he's with the Lord now and what could be better than that?
Well, we just got back from our drive and I've got some laundry to finish up and some other things to attend to so I best get busy.
Hope you all have enjoyed your day today and may the Lord bless you beyond measure tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cold Weather Slump

Well, we seem to be stuck in a slump, this cold weather just doesn't fill one with ambition does it?
The days here are gloomy and it is very, very cold...makes it hard to find the energy to dig in and get things done.
I have gone through some paperwork and finished that up but there's still so much more to be done and it's really hard to get the family pepped up to get all of our de-cluttering and organizing finished.
Actually, as soon as we can get things cleared out and know only the things we intend to keep we are going to start looking for our land, farm, home...whatever the Lord leads us to. It's a tough economy to be thinking about moving and changing everything but really if we wait for the economy to get better we'll be waiting a long we do what we have to do when we have to do it!
I've been reading a lot about what others are doing to scale down and save money and many things we've been doing for awhile but there are always things to be learned so I'm trying to soak up all the info I can!
Well, like it or not I have some things to attend to and must get moving!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY January 19th, 2009...
Outside my window...the sun is shining on the new fallen snow and everything sparkles and glistens
I am God can create such beauty with just one color, so incredible

I am thankful mama's test results coming out very good, yes G
od is good! From the kitchen...chicken and dumplings, perfect winter comfort food!
I am wearing...nighty still

I am creating...a cozy little home for my sweet family!

I am going...just one trip planned this week to the grocery and Starbucks!
I am reading...A Change of Heart..from the Harmony s
I am hoping...dh can get home earlier tonight and get some rest...this weather is so cold and he works outside at the airport

I am hearing...the house creak from the wind and my coffee brewing in the percolator Around the house...very quiet morning...all are snoozing late
One of my favorite things...reading all the other lady's daybooks on Monday!

A few plans for the rest of the week...stay home and love every minute of it!

Here is picture tho
ught I am sharing...

This is my brother Rick who started college full time last age 54!...this sister is very proud and in awe of his determination!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Simplifying Process

We are still chugging away at our goal of simplicity..seems it's a process that may never end. I think you probably have to really stay on top of things to keep your life simplified, there are just so many things being thrown at us and telling us we need this and that!
We love doing things the old way but also have a good firm grasp on modern technology, I actually think technology helps us to simplify, you can keep your schedules etc. on the computer and not have the papers laying around...which is also good for the environment.
I've been looking through our items in the kitchen today and deciding what to keep and what to weed, kitchen stores are like a candy store to maiden and I so we really have to reel ourselves in or we could get way to carried away with 'stuff'.
Next week's goal is to weed through the basement, oh sooooo much stuff down there!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Please join Peggy and other dear ladies the

FOR TODAY January 12th, 2009...
Outside my window...rain and dark clouds...but I always remember that the sun is always shining...I'm just a cloud away from seeing it!
I am thinking...I want to get everything planned for Maiden's 19th birthday on Friday!
I am thankful for...a husband with a huge heart and an incredible sense of humor!

From the learning rooms...sigh...our
homeschooling days ended last July with Maiden graduating...our last student...
From the kitchen...turkey salad sandwiches courtesy of Maiden...we made a turkey on Friday and have been feasting on leftovers since!

I am creating...nothing right now, had so much to do before Christmas I haven't started again yet!

I am stay in my nice and toasty home all week, no errands to run until Wednesday

I am reading...the Harmony series by Philip Gulley...and always the ESV Bible

I am hoping...the snow does not develop f
or tomorrow since my little Mama has to have a test done tomorrow that might last 4 hours, I want her to be safe
I am quiet, except my keys on the keyboard

Around the cocoa and laughing this afternoon...seems to have calmed down a bit now

One of my favorite things...spending
the whole day with my sweet family!
A few plans for the rest of the week...get to see my sweet little Mama and Daddy on Wednesday, celebrate Maiden's birthday on Thursday since Wildcat Man will be off and just enjoy the day with her on Friday!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Maiden (left) and her little cousin Randi...they adore one another!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Giving in to Stress

Do you ever have a day when you just feel.....bleh, I mean physically I'm fine...maybe a bit tired...but emotions have taken over and I simply lose my focus on these days.
In the midst of the emotions, not much else has been done in the simplifying process but there's always tomorrow! will all just wait until I get to it.
Today was very cloudy, cold and gloomy...and being home 24/7...although I love being a homemaker...gets a bit tedious especially since the focus of homeschooling no longer exists for us as they've all graduated so I seem to not be able to find my way to a schedule that works and keeps me's all a process and I know it will work out soon.
Today we cooked a turkey which we will have tomorrow with the full meal, tonight we're gonna carve a bit for some sandwiches and keep it simple. I love making a turkey as the leftovers are just soooo tasty, so we'll be eating turkey for awhile.
I discovered today that when I feel stressed and getting out of the house is not an option that I just have to give into the tired feeling and rest, this is time for reading, praying, chatting with Puritan and Maiden, talking on the phone to my sweet little mama or just simply napping...the alternative is getting more stressed and making myself and everyone else upset...that option is just not open for me, life is too short to worry about non-issues and I simply won't do it.
These are simply the days that the Lord and I converse quite often through the day, I'm so thankful that He loves me and carries me through...because without Him I would simply be nothing...I give Him the full honor and glory...He is so Good!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Simplifying Process

Today we were greeted with a very cloudy day, but we have a beautiful snow on the ground and it is the perfect day for being indoors enjoying the warmth we are blessed with.
Today's challenge is to get rid of 10 items, either for giveaway or for the trash. If I continue at this rate I should have things cleared out very well by the end of January so I must stick with the plan.
We currently live in a rural area but have houses fairly close and only have about 3/4 acre so our goal is to have more land and a bit more privacy. Ultimately we want to have a place with enough space so we can have some outbuildings for specific uses...woodworking in one, crafts, food prep and storage, etc. The problem I have is sticking with it, I'm a great planner but really need a lot of encouragement for follow through, my resolution this year is simply to follow through and finish things up...the unfinished things are what cause me frustration and stress and I'm the only person who can change me so I must work on this daily.
Well, off to find the ten items...maybe more!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Journey

In our quest for simplicity we have found that our first obstacle is simply 'stuff'. We've been running our household for 26 years now and in that time we've accumulated quite alot of stuff and it's a bit difficult to decide what is important stuff and what we can let go.

In those 26 years we've raised three children who are now adults, one of them living on his own, therefore we also have the stuff he left here that he may want or need someday, also when Wildcat Man's parents moved into a condo, we inherited a lot of their stuff, so we're in stuff overload.
The thought at this point is that we don't want to add another 26 years of stuff, so we must begin the process of weeding through the stuff and letting go of the non-necessities.
Our desire is to ultimately be pared down to the basics with just a bit of fun and fluff thrown in for a cozy home.
Thus begins the next step in this adventure of life, we're always moving forward very careful to keep the traditions from our parents, grandparents, etc. and keeping our mind on the pioneering spirit and our hearts turned towards Him. The Lord is the only way and we choose to follow Him in every step we take, all of it for His Glory!